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Client: Business to consumer style client. Chain of West Midlands hair and beauty salons.
(As always client details not disclosed)

Required: Work to understand the business to enable the streamlining of processes, upgrade and rationalise the salons, up-skill managers and intergrate the next family generation into the business. Ultimate aim to allow the owner to expand the number of salons and then step back from the day to day.

Process: Retained consultancy. We worked with the owner over a two year period with weekly, then bi - weekly face to face meetings, mystery shopping and project planning plus additional support as and when required.  

Outcome: The client achieved her aim on time and in budget.

Mrs P said…

“After many attempts to find the right advisors I stumbled across Rosie Consulting. What a breath of fresh air, common sense advice, honesty and not just more regurgitated text book speak.  

They helped me to grow the business thanks to the advice, insights and support given. This allowed us to harmonise systems across the salon chain, up skill staff, revamp salons and expand. Rosie Consulting realised quickly where my time would be best used and provided the support, direction and advice to make everything else fall into place”.


Consultancy, project management, marketing strategy & services, system creation and practical administrative support.

Obtaining information is one thing but making valuable use of it now and into the future is the key. Businesses have to keep up in this fast paced world and so facts are vital. It is hard to keep up with when you are busy running a company.

We offer various services, which can either bolt onto our research or can be stand alone.

● Consultancy - After assessment or research, we can work with you in an advisory capacity to assist in finding new ways to work, suggesting solutions, source or directly supply services for marketing, research and administration. We are not business coaches or financial advisors, we are business people who use our skills and vast experience to help you grow your business by solving problems, providing services, offering insights or simply providing a fresh pair of eyes.

● Projects - We can help you devise and manage projects for use in the marketing of your business or to make systems within your business more efficient and relevant.

● Systems Creation - We can help you build and instigate new systems to ensure your customers are served well and that information is collected in a uniform manner and acted upon.

● Support - Businesses may need additional support in the board room, help with overseeing projects or simply filling a gap when not wishing to employ.  We can offer one off support, working remotely from our offices to fill gaps, ad hoc, short or longer term to support you, outside IR35.

● Retained Consultancy - This can be a regular retainer or project duration, working on specific projects or general support across the entire business.

Let us see if we can add value to your business - call us to find out