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Call us to discuss your needs and we can tell you if our skill set can assist you. Market Research is not just a bolt on to marketing or web design, but a broad based discipline in its own right, requiring specialist skills. Facts surely should be the base of any strategy, not the after thought. Therefore, every market research house can only cover certain aspects of the subject and no one agency can offer all.  If we do not have experience in the area you are looking to cover we will tell you. We believe in respecting our customers by only taking on work we are proficient at.

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Client: Business to consumer style client. Boarding School seeing numbers of open day visits turning into new students reducing despite very solid methods.
(As always client details not disclosed)

Required: Mystery shopping followed by consultancy.

Process: We attended the open day to assess the process, unbeknown to staff or students. It was clear we could not interview during visits or do an exit poll. Using researchers with knowledge of the private system we could evaluate the process, coupled with expertise in emotional intelligence which enabled us to observe and report.

Results: Though the open days were very welcoming and extremely efficient, there was a key area that had not been taken into consideration, which alienated one group of prospective parents.

Outcome:  To look closely at the delivery, retrain staff to be able to spot those not at ease and to know how to deal with those visitors. To work on how the marketing messages could work better for multiple audiences.

“Market Research is not
just a bolt on to marketing,
but a broad based discipline
in its own right.”


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