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Using specialist Market Research techniques to give you a true understanding of your business, its strengths, weaknesses and USP’s.

Customer satisfaction is so much more than a survey. A range of methods can be used to ensure you are maximising your USP’s.

Advice, project  planning and management, marketing strategy, retained consultancy, system creation and practical support.

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Rosie Consulting Rebrand

Loving the original logo we set the branding specialists the task of improving and modernising the logo, while remaining true to the basic design and providing a fresh, visual look for all branding including our website, electronic items and  print.

Our logo has been with us for some years and as well as being something we liked, we felt it still expressed our company ethos.  We tasked the David Lovatt Design Studio to bring the logo up-to-date whilst keeping the fundamental look of the original.  This was to be the basis for all changes reflecting our brand. From this we asked them to work with us to provide the visual designs and layouts for our revised website.  The clever use of an additional deep pink took the logo design from almost 2D to 3D; a simple change, but a bold and welcome move forward.

With a revised logo decided upon, we then asked them to work on our stationery. A fresh new look, coupled with our revised wording, brought our stationery right up-to-date.

David Lovatt Design Studio, also provided email footers, headers for LinkedIn and other electronic documentation.

Finally, various themes were suggested for the website, but we felt the chair theme fitted so well with what we do, sitting talking to people to understand them, their needs, wants and frustrations - Market Research.  They worked with us to understand what we wanted to feature on the site. From that they created a design that was not only pleasing to the eye but also easy to navigate and logical.  Pretty is not always functional, so the balance they offered between the front end and back end of the website was excellent.

We hope you agree that collaboration has produced a great result.

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