Client Example - Exit Survey

Legal Service Company using an in-house created
exit survey to gauge client satisfaction

Client: (As always client details not disclosed)

Legal Services company working with both B:B and B:C. Regional with multiple offices with over 200 staff. Brought in by senior management as the long standing survey was having some unexpected negative fallout.


Currently using an exit survey created by the Marketing Department which was a standard one fits all type survey. Firstly we wanted to understand why the client wished to revisit the survey. We worked to evaluate the point, effectiveness and value of the current survey. We then discussed with the client the positive & negative fall out of such a survey and its impact on the business, clients and staff. Was the current offering engaging both clients and staff, plus adding value to the business? After presenting our research the client wanted to continue to have a client survey, albeit very different.


From those requirements they wished us to revise the question set, have varied question sets to suit and provide staff guidelines and training. We worked with the client to help them see the benefit of survey results that were not just statistical.

New survey sets and a set of guidelines were introduced. Training was provided to marketing to allow them to train and bring on board all staff, most especially front line staff who have direct client contact such as reception and legal.


The whole process was designed to help to continually evaluate how the company was performing on client satisfaction and retention. The process also checked how well staff were understanding and accepting the need for the survey. We also offered advice on additional systems they could implement.

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