Client Example - Deep dive research

Large chemical supplier - working B:B
supplying large volumes of product to manufacturers

Client: (As always client details not disclosed)

Large manufacturer of chemical products. Selling only B:B into manufacturing supply chains globally. Only a handful of alternative suppliers available for companies to move to. Perceived to be the best product from the most reliable supplier.


Global client satisfaction declining but cause not understood.  To delve deep into current client base to understand where the issues lay.


Understanding the product, its market and its importance in the supply chain from a customer perspective. Deep dive research and interviewing to understand the real drivers behind the issues, rather than just the perceptions.  Varying cultures also had to be taken into consideration.


It was found that there were several issues to address. The core issue was the ease of use and reliability of the packaging.

Through the use of our specialist research methods we were able to discover that the issues were further down the management chain. This information understandably did not get relayed to the senior management.

There was a perception by the senior management of the companies using the product that it was over priced, but though the alternatives may be cheaper, they were less reliable. By drilling down we discovered that waste was the main factor in causing it to appear overpriced. As a result of this our clients started to work with their customers to look at the transport, handling and waste issues of the product to try to find a suitable solution.

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